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Dental Specialties

Pediatric Dentistry

At Pearce & Associates, in Point Richmond, CA, we understand that one of the most important features of a dentist is their ability to accommodate the needs of an entire family. As such, Dr. Pearce and his entire staff are extensively experienced in working with children of all ages. Dr. Pearce have an outstanding demeanor that always seems to put the child at ease, no matter what the situation. Furthermore we are always sure to take the time to give every child a thorough examination because we know that they often have the worst brushing and flossing habits. As a parent it is important to instill good behavior at an early age because studies have shown that children who have good oral hygiene are much more likely to continue that trait when they become adults. With you doing your part at home we will do our part in the office with appointments to clean thoroughly and check for cavities. Schedule an appointment in Point Richmond, Richmond, or San Pablo with the pediatric dentist who can give them the quality care they deserve, Dr. Pearce.

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TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder is a condition describing the pain experienced in the jaw, or in the form of headaches, caused by improper alignment between the jaw, connecting muscles, and skull. Pain and swelling in the jaw joint is the most common symptom, but sometimes the muscles’ uneven pull on the skull results in headaches.

In Point Richmond, CA, this painful condition can be treated by Dr. Pearce, who have undergone special training for TMJ pain. At Pearce & Associates, we offer a variety of therapies to correct alignment problems. These include either a special mouthpiece or retainer that gradually corrects the way the jaw aligns, or in more extreme cases, a special orthodontic headgear can be used to achieve results.

Dr. Pearce is one of the few dentists equipped to properly treat TMJ in Point Richmond, Richmond, or San Pablo, so contact our office if you are experiencing swelling of the jaw and/or persistent headaches.

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Green Dentistry

You might not think the average dental practice produces much waste, until you consider the volume of water used during treatments, the dozens of latex gloves needed for sanitary purposes, and the large amount of hazardous materials from toxic metals and X-ray developing solution. Looking more closely, it’s easy to see that traditional dentistry is not the most eco-friendly business, which is why our staff at Dr. Pearce’s practice, located in Point Richmond, CA, is concerned with these issues.

Dr. Pearce is taking the important steps needed to make our practice as environmentally friendly and green as possible. These include instituting an aggressive recycling plan for all office materials that cannot be reused, switching to steam for instrument sterilization to avoid the use of chemicals, and providing for the proper disposal of toxic metals such as mercury-based amalgam fillings. This eco-friendly approach puts Dr. Pearce at the forefront of the green revolution of the dental industry.

If you are concerned with environmental issues, show your support for advancing the green cause by contacting our office. Dr. Pearce and their staff will be pleased to attend to all your dental needs in an environmentally-healthy way.

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Nutritional Dentistry

At Pearce & Associates one of the most distinguishing features we practice and promote is whole body health. Natural, whole body dentistry (also sometimes referred to as nutritional or holistic) has developed from the understanding that the health of the human body as a whole is directly related to the health of the mouth. When patients receive conventional dental care the dentist merely treats the affected area, whether that entails a cleaning to remove plaque or a restorative procedure to fix damaged teeth. At our Point Richmond, CA office, Dr. Pearce understands that the human body is made up of interrelated systems. Your overall health can affect your oral health and visa versa. There is a strong relationship between gum disease and chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and research continues to reveal more and more connections. At Pearce & Associates we use special kits to test patients for sensitivity to dental materials. Possible negative reactions can be determined by drawing blood and sending it for Material Reactivity Testing by highly qualified technicians.

Natural, whole health, holistic dentistry also emphasizes the role that patients can play in their own oral health. In this aspect, Dr. Pearce have long been counseling their patients about the effects that certain types of food can have on both plaque production and oral hygiene in general. Plaque causing bacteria mainly feeds on sugars, meaning that sweet foods like candy and desserts should be consumed in moderation. As well as sugars, foods rich in carbohydrates are also bad for teeth because they are made of sugars that will feed bacteria after broken down by saliva. Foods like crackers, bread, and cereal can be very nutritious, but brushing should always be done after these meals. If at your appointment you appear to have excessive plaque, Dr. Pearce may suggest specific changes in your diet and oral hygiene. Such dietary counseling is rare to find among dentist, so contact Dr. Pearce for the premier natural dentist in Point Richmond, Richmond, and San Pablo.

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Emergency Dentistry

Dr. Pearce is truly the type of dentist who you love to have because their actions time and again prove their level of commitment to patient care, and this is especially true during dental emergencies. We understand that these can be extremely stressful, so if you are experiencing a dental emergency in Point Richmond, CA, or the surrounding areas of Richmond and San Pablo, please stay calm and know that Dr. Pearce is here to help you. Do not hesitate to call our number; if it is after normal business hours they will immediately be on their way to meet you at the office for the procedure. This includes holidays and weekends so please, call our regular number for information on how Dr. Pearce can be reached during dental emergencies.

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Minimally Invasive Dentistry

At Pearce & Associates we use minimally invasive dentistry whenever possible. Minimally invasive dentistry is the practice of providing treatment that maintains and improves the oral health of a patient while avoiding unnecessary or complicated procedures. This is important because although many dentists have the best intentions, they can forget about the most important thing – the goals and needs of the patient.

Most patients correctly feel that the best solution is often the simplest, and Dr. Pearce agree. For example, if you are experiencing tooth decay they will remove the damaged material and work to save the natural tooth instead of extracting and replacing. Or, if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, they can place and color just a single or very few veneers to blend naturally, avoiding a complete makeover.

When receiving dental treatment from Dr. Pearce, you can be assured that they will always keep the procedures as simple and minimally invasive as possible, because they know that this is best for you. Being a strong proponent for this philosophy of dentistry is just one of the reasons why Dr. Pearce is an excellent choice to provide all your dental needs in Point Richmond, Richmond, and San Pablo.

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