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Oral Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgeries involve operations on either the bone or soft tissues of the mouth and face. As your dentist in Point Richmond, Dr. Pearce can perform some of these complex procedures to accommodate most needs. The most commonly performed by Dr. Pearce is bone grafting. For the best bone grafting in Point Richmond, Richmond, and San Pablo, contact our office for a consultation.

Bone Grafting

One service that distinguishes Dr. Pearce from other dentists in Point Richmond, CA is their ability to perform bone tissue grafting to encourage regeneration. Oral bone grafts applied to the jaw are usually required when significant gum recession has taken place. That is because as gum tissue recedes the bone beneath it experiences resorption, or degeneration, which compromises the basic strength of the jaw.

To perform the graft the gums in the affected area are first opened to expose the receding bone. Then a small piece of bone is taken from another area of the body (preferably the back of the jaw or chin) and attached into place with titanium screws. The new bone provides benefits such as increased structural support for restorations, prevention of further bone resorption, and overall increased strength of the jaw bone.

If you have experienced gum recession, there is no better dentist in Point Richmond, Richmond, or San Pablo to perform these grafts. Call our office to schedule your appointments with Dr. Pearce.

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