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Orthodontic Dentistry

At our office in Point Richmond, CA we are lucky to have the experience and skills of Dr. Pearce. They are some of the most skilled and highly esteemed dentists in Point Richmond and the surrounding area. If you interested in straightening your smile, please contact our office and we will set up a consultation at which either Dr. Pearce or Bhuva will listen to your needs, examine your case, and determine the best course of action.



The Invisalign® teeth straightening system uses clear plastic retainers to slowly move your teeth. They work much the same way as traditional braces but instead of tightening a wire you will simply receive a new retainer that applies pressure to slightly change the position of your teeth. Dr. Pearce’s patients greatly prefer Invisalign® over traditional braces because they are much smoother and more comfortable in the mouth, they can be removed for eating and brushing, and because they are invisible.

Pearce & Associates is Invisalign® certified and will have molds taken to create your retainer in just one short appointment. Straightening your teeth has never been easier or available in a more aesthetic way than it is now with Invisalign® by your Point Richmond dentist. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pearce to discuss our orthodontic programs and how you can receive Invisalign® in Point Richmond, Richmond, and San Pablo.

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