Dental Insurance

We gladly accept most major dental insurance plans.

We will help to maximize your insurance reimbursements, as well as send you a monthly statement regarding your account. Remember that most providers will typically respond within four to six weeks, so please call our office at (510) 233-4470 if your payment has not appeared on your statement in that time. The remaining balance(s) after insurance payment is the patient’s responsibility, and we thank you in advance for promptly meeting your obligations.

Monthly payment plans

Options for a monthly payment plan are available, but must be arranged prior to your procedure or through CareCredit.

Please remember that patients are ultimately responsible for their fees incurred, regardless of insurance coverage.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance acceptability remember that our team is available to answer and assist you with questions regarding your account, so please contact our office at (510) 233-4470. Don’t hesitate to make the call, as we can often help clear up simple misunderstandings.