Endodontics Point Richmond, CA

Endodontic dentistry primarily deals with treating the roots of the teeth. While most endodontic procedures are initially either for the removal of an abscess or a root canal, Dr. Pearce will examine your condition to determine if root end surgery (apicoectomy), internal bleaching, or treatment for root fractures are required. Since these can be used either alone or in combination with other procedures, Dr. Pearce will be sure to find the correct endodontic treatment to fit your individual dental requirements. They highly experienced in this field and is the best choice for your dental needs in Point Richmond, CA.

Our Endodontic Services

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Root CanalsRoot canal procedures have been a staple of restorative dentistry for generations and have garnered a negative reputation among patients. Dr. Pearce are very gentle and considerate of their patients’ comfort while performing this procedure, and their patients often comment on their calm and soothing demeanor. Root canals are used when the root of a tooth dies from untreated infection or trauma. Dead material becomes trapped inside the tooth and, if not treated, begins to decay the surrounding enamel and necessitates a root canal procedure.

To remove the root Dr. Pearce drills through the top of the tooth to expose the pulp chamber. They then extract the infected tissue, fill the vacant canal, and further remove some enamel to help fit the tooth with a porcelain dental crown. While the crown is being fabricated at an outside dental laboratory, Dr. Pearce will cover the tooth temporarily. At your follow up appointment to Pearce & Associates the crown will be fitted and bonded into place. For pain-free root canals in Point Richmond, CA, or the surrounding areas of Richmond and San Pablo, contact Dr. Pearce’s office to schedule an appointment.

Internal BleachingWhile most stains are on the outside of your teeth, one can occasionally be seen as a dark area coming from deep inside the tooth. When this develops it is usually because blood or other liquids have leaked into the inside of a tooth following a root canal procedure. At Pearce & Associates in Point Richmond, CA we can use internal bleaching to whiten the tooth from the inside out if you are experiencing this situation.

Dr. Pearce will drill a small hole and insert a peroxide gel into the internal cavity of the tooth. The solution is left inside the tooth for about a week during which time it perforates into the dentin, lightening its color. After that time the tooth will be drained and the hole filled. This method of internal bleaching is highly effective, and the tooth will return to white. If you notice the appearance of internal stains, and think you may need internal bleaching in Point Richmond, Richmond, or San Pablo, please contact our office to determine whether it is the correct procedure for you.

At Pearce & Associates in Point Richmond, CA (and all dental practices) the root end surgery is performed as a follow up to a root canal if infection or decay continues to be a problem. Also called an apicoectomy, the procedure is often required because of the complexity of the canals themselves. Rather than a single uniform chamber, the root canal has many tiny branches that can harbor infected material. The root end surgery removes just the very the tip (apex) of the root, where many infections originate. Nowadays the technology and techniques to detect these hidden infections is much better, so a follow up root canal can often solve the problem, but sometimes root end surgery it is still necessary.

Dr. Pearce are very skilled at performing the procedure, and they will begin by cutting into the gums, then gently lifting the tissue to expose the root. Then the very tips of the root, only a few millimeters, are removed and the canals are cleaned and sealed. The gums are sutured back into place and the procedure is complete. This is usually very effective for preventing future infection. If you have had a root canal and are experiencing pain, swelling, or have developed a fistula (small pimple-like bump on the gums) then you should call Dr. Pearce to receive root end surgery in Point Richmond, Richmond, and San Pablo.