Restorative Dentistry Point Richmond, CA

Dr. Robert Pearce offers many procedures to repair the functionality of your teeth and mouth. If you are in pain, know that our professionals are here to provide support and alleviate your discomfort.

Our Restorative Services

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Dental ImplantsAs your Point Richmond dentist, Dr. Pearce are proud to make available dental implants, the most permanent and strongest solution for patients who have gaps from missing teeth. Dental implants can be used for either single or multiple missing teeth, and they derive their effectiveness from the unique process of their placement in the jaw. A dental implant consists of two pieces: One is a medical grade titanium screw that is fixed into the jawbone; the other is a porcelain dental crown that is mounted on the screw to make up the visible portion of the implant.

The procedure begins by Dr. Pearce anchoring a zirconium or titanium screw into the jaw. Once the screw is in place, the bone grows slowly into the treads of the implant. This process is called Osseointegration. The implant is placed so that the end of the screw projects through the gum in the location where the tooth is missing. Once the healing is complete, the porcelain dental crown is bonded over the exposed screw and the restoration can be used normally. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence in your smile; contact Pearce & Associates for dental implants in Point Richmond, CA, or the surrounding areas of Point Richmond, CA.

Implant DenturesDentures can be perfect replacements for people who have lost all their natural teeth, but they are not ideal for everyone. Most problems reported by denture wearers concern loose fit, with dentures constantly slipping out of place. For these individuals, Pearce & Associates recommends implant dentures as a better solution because they create the strongest possible hold on the denture plate. Dr. Pearce are the leading dentist in Point Richmond, CA who performs the dental implant procedure.

They begin by sedating you before implanting two titanium screws into the upper jaw. The exposed parts of the implants are connected with a small bar, and the procedure is repeated to prepare for the lower denture. Through a process called Osseointegration, the bones slowly grow into the grooves of the implant, making a strong, permanent hold. The connecting bars hold the dentures in place by fastening onto an equivalent piece on the denture plate. Implant dentures are able to withstand heavy chewing, they function completely normally, and they provide the closest possible feel to natural teeth. They are the perfect solution to missing teeth, so if you are in Point Richmond, Richmond, or San Pablo contact us for a consultation to see whether implant dentures are the correct procedure for you.

DenturesDentures are one of the options available for those patients who have lost their natural teeth. At Pearce & Associates our goal is to provide dentures that replicate the lost teeth as closely as possible, both in functionality and appearance. To achieve this requires Dr. Pearce to get exact measurements by taking molds of the gums and surrounding supportive tissue. This will prevent slippage by ensuring as tight a fit as possible and will help create an aesthetic appearance by determining the best position in the mouth. Remember that as a person ages, their gum and mouth tissues can distort, altering the effectiveness of the current dentures. If you have not been measured for dentures recently and this is what you are experiencing, it may be necessary to get a re-fitting. Dr. Pearce provide excellent dentures in Point Richmond, CA, as well as the surrounding areas of Richmond and San Pablo, so contact their office for a consultation.

Partial DenturesPartial dentures are an excellent option for patients who have lost just a few teeth in one or several areas of the mouth. Working much like a conventional orthodontic retainer, these dentures use a plastic mouthpiece fitted with wires that hold replacement teeth in the desired position. A properly customized fit is essential to keeping these dentures in place because they lock together with your remaining natural teeth, making messing bonding gels unnecessary. Point Richmond, CA dentist, Dr. Pearce, will always carefully take an impression of your mouth to get the correct specifications for your dentures. Then at your next appointment the dentures will be ready for use and will give the wearer a tight fitting replacement that can be used normally for biting and chewing. For partial dentures in Point Richmond, CA, or the surrounding areas of Richmond and San Pablo, contact Pearce & Associates.

When cavities, or small holes, begin to form on your teeth it is important that they be filled as soon as possible. Dr. Pearce stress the importance of this because these holes compromise the strength of your teeth, making chips and severe breaks much more likely. Additionally, since the surface of the tooth has been penetrated, these holes can lead to severe infections to the interior of your tooth, which eventually will lead to a root canal. At Pearce & Associates has several options available for treating cavities.

Composite: Another option to treat a cavity is to use a composite resin filling. This method is preferred by many because the coloring of the filling can be matched to the natural shade of tooth color, making them (if at all) much less visible than amalgams. They provide significant strength to the restoration, though less than an amalgam, so they are best used on small to mid sized cavities that will endure moderate chewing pressure. Also there is less drilling required for this type of filling, so more of the natural tooth can be preserved.

Ionomer: Ionomer fillings are made from glass particle mixed with acrylic acids. They are colored to match your natural teeth, so they are practically invisible once placed. Ionomer fillings are the most fragile, which is why they are only implemented on very small cavities, especially cavities affecting on teeth roots. Since these cavities are often very small there is very little drilling required when compare to other types of fillings.

Dr. Pearce are very experienced at determining the best style of filling based on each patient’s needs, and they will be sure to take great care reviewing your case. Cavities will usually be identified during a cleaning appointment, and then filled when a later one is scheduled. If you need to schedule a 6 month cleaning, or for more information on cavity fillings in Point Richmond, Richmond, and San Pablo, CA, contact Dr. Pearce.

Inlays & OnlaysAt Pearce & Associates, your Point Richmond dentist will typically use onlays and inlays when cavities on the chewing surface of rear teeth have become too severe to be treated with traditional fillings. The difference between an onlay and inlay is determined by the positioning of the damage in regards to the chewing surface of the tooth. If the damage is restricted to within the depression (within the cusps) of the tooth it is an inlay. If more extensive damage has progressed and the cusps must be recreated, it is an onlay. A single onlay can sometimes be used across multiple teeth.

Dr. Pearce can create your onlay or inlays using gold, porcelain, or a composite resin colored to match your natural tooth. The latter two options are the most popular today due to their aesthetic appearance, but gold is still available. The making of these restorations is a two step process in which you will first have impressions taken of the affected area. Then the molds are sent to a dental laboratory where a skilled technician will oversee fabrication. At your next appointment it is bonded into place and ready for use. For high quality onlays and inlays in Point Richmond, CA, as well as the surrounding areas of Richmond and San Pablo, contact Pearce & Associates.

CrownsA porcelain dental crown is a hollow cover that fits over a tooth. Porcelain crowns are an integral piece of restorative dentistry because of their versatility in the treatment of a wide range of tooth problems. In Point Richmond, CA, Dr. Pearce, uses crowns to strengthen teeth that are chipped or cracked, to seal teeth that are temperature sensitive, and to close gaps between teeth. Crowns are also used as components in root canal procedures and to build dental bridges.

During your appointment at our Point Richmond office, Dr. Pearce will remove any damaged or decaying enamel, and then make a mold of the affected area. This mold ensures that your crown will be perfectly fitted to your mouth’s specifications. Colored to match your natural shade of tooth enamel, the crown will also be indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth. When prepared, the crown is then slipped over the remains of the old tooth and bonded into place, making a strong restoration that can be used just as you do your normal teeth. For dental crowns in Point Richmond, or the surrounding areas of Richmond and San Pablo, contact Pearce & Associates today.

BridgesAt Pearce & Associates a dental bridge is an effective and simple solution that can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. As well as being unattractive, the gap from the missing teeth can inhibit proper eating and speaking.

To create a strong, new tooth or teeth, Dr. Pearce will first take a precise measurement of the gap. Using these measurements a replacement tooth is carved from a block of porcelain that is colored to perfectly match your surrounding teeth. The sculpted replacement is then bonded so that it is suspended between two porcelain dental crowns. These crowns fit over the teeth adjacent to the gap and are bonded such that the bridge is held in the correct position. Once the procedure is completed, bridges can be used normally for biting and chewing, so for the highest quality dental bridges in Point Richmond, CA, as well as the surrounding areas of Richmond or San Pablo, schedule an appointment today!

Tooth ExtractionsYou might think extracting a tooth goes against the goal of a restorative procedure, and it’s true that it is somewhat counterintuitive to remove a tooth in order to restore function. Dr. Pearce are committed to doing everything possible to save a natural tooth, but in some cases it is in the best interest of the patient to completely remove it. Examples of such instances are tooth decay that has progressed too far to reverse or in preparation for dentures, implants, or orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Pearce are very gentle and skilled at tooth extraction, and at their Point Richmond, CA office, it is a relatively simple and quick procedure. While the patient is mildly sedated, Dr. Pearce uses dental forceps to rock the tooth in order to break the connective ligaments so that the tooth is released. For tooth extractions in the Point Richmond, Richmond, and San Pablo areas, contact Dr. Pearce’s office, and their friendly staff will schedule your appointment.