TMJ/Bite Therapy Point Richmond, CA

TMJ, an acronym for temporomandibular joints, refers to the small joints connecting the jaw to the skull, facilitating the opening and closing of the mouth. When these TMJs become misaligned, various issues can arise, including jaw muscle pain, headaches, neck aches, and teeth grinding.

Bioesthetics presents a holistic approach to dentistry, considering teeth as part of a larger system involving the jaw, head, and neck. This philosophy aims to harmonize natural beauty with optimal function, resulting in a comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing smile. Patients undergoing bioesthetic treatment often experience improved TMJ joint stability and reduced pain in associated muscles.

Drs. Pearce and Azarinfar, specializing in TMJ dentistry, recognize the systemic nature of TMJ and bioesthetic concerns. Through bioesthetic approaches, they have witnessed significant enhancements in patients’ quality of life, particularly in alleviating head, jaw, and facial pain.

Bioesthetic treatment may involve the use of oral appliances that reposition the jaw, relieving stress on nerves, muscles, and joints. Alternative therapies include stress relief exercises, adjusting back teeth to restore proper occlusion, and eliminating habits like gum chewing that irritate the jaw joints.

Drs. Pearce and Azarinfar, uniquely trained in diagnosing issues with the chewing system, offer conservative dental therapies addressing the root causes of tooth wear, not just the symptoms. They aim to help patients preserve the function and enduring natural beauty of their teeth and smiles throughout their lifetime. If you experience concerns such as an unattractive smile, worn or damaged teeth, headaches, facial or neck pain, or various other issues related to TMJ, they are equipped to assist you.